We Are Upgrading Our Tiltrotators to Generation 4

24 September


SMP is currently upgrading the SMP Tiltrotators to Generation 4. The upgrade involves important improvements in maintenance, productivity and safety.

With a SMP Tiltrotator Generation 4 you get:

Maintenance and Productivity

  • Improved central lubrication which can also be connected to the machine’s central lubrication system
  • Lubrication free bearings that reduce the amount of lubrication points by approximately 50%

For the User

  • New system based on the CAN Bus platform, which gives a whole new user interface
  • Quick and easy to install - Plug 'n' Play!
  • The operating handle/joystick is ergonomically designed with different degrees of functionality


  •     Integrated load holding valves in the tilt cylinder
  •     Attachment bracket with spring locks are used for double the safety in the event of a loss of pressure

Models ST6, ST10 and ST12 have already been upgraded to Generation 4. The upgrade of other models (ST15, ST18, ST22 and ST28) is underway and will be completed in the autumn.


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