Tiltrotator is a must for a versatile excavator

14 February

The versatility of the excavator is crucial in order to ensure efficient work at the construction site, says Jari Isomääki, machine contractor working primarily with house construction in the regions of Helsinki and Uusima.

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In his company Kaivuripalvelu Jari Isomäki Oy they have been using tiltrotators for a long time on their machines for full flexibility. When the company bought a new Komatsu the choice fell on SMP for new equipment.

- I bought my first tiltrotator about ten years ago and since then I have equipped all new machines with tiltrotators. We have previously used other brands and this time we choose to go with SMP Tiltrotator ST22, the associated control system MAC ST and a grapple for our new Komatsu.

After working with the new products for a while, the verdict was very positive from Jaris son Sami Isomäki who also works in the company.

- SMP's tiltrotator and control system were delivered pre-installed in the machine and it was ready for work right away, without any adjustments. The tiltrotator itself works perfectly and gives very precise movements. The control system is clear and easy to use. When working on construction sites, the grapple module is absolutely indispensable when moving pipes, boards, tree stumps or lifting protective fabrics and compactors to the bottom of the excavations, Sami concludes.

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