Erik Larsson - Supply Chain Manager with Visions

21 November

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– Together with the right partners, we can reach a whole new level. The ambition is to further sharpen our quality and offering, says Erik Larsson, new Supply Chain Manager at SMP Parts.

With a solid background in Lean production and sourcing on a global level, Erik has the routine and experience needed to develop collaborations with suppliers and partners, an area he is passionate about.

– Collaboration is incredibly important, especially on SMP’s current journey of growth. We are good at what we do, we know our customers and their needs. Through our partners' expertise, we can grow our business, work smarter and become more efficient.

Erik is responsible for the Supply Chain department, which, through sourcing and purchasing materials, supplies production with everything from steel to packaging materials. The goal of the department is to optimize quality and flow at every stage, from raw material to final product. To reach that goal, Erik and his colleagues need to establish a broad supplier network with a capacity that matches SMP's needs today and tomorrow.

– Finding the right supplier for each item is crucial for SMP. Delivery security, quality level and price image are important parameters that we look at in a collaboration. In-depth partnership is also a winning concept when it comes to strategic core components - that we share knowledge, goals, values and have the same agenda. This results in a high-functioning transparent chain where the customer benefit is always in focus.

Erik actually started his career in the production at SMP. Now he is back in a new role and sees the company from a different perspective. Erik is happy to be back and impressed by the company's growth.

– It's amazing how SMP has developed over the last 15 years. We have a huge potential to grow, thanks a lot to all our talented and knowledgeable employees. I am looking forward to an exciting journey with SMP.