News! SMP E-series

We only have one earth – let’s be careful with it

SMP has a long history of manufacturing high quality products, and with the sustainability challenges ahead SMP now launches a series of buckets with the environment in mind.

The new E-series are manufactured with the same high quality as your regular SMP bucket, these in Hardox TUF 500, with the simple difference that the buckets are unpainted upon delivery.

This allows SMP to streamline the manufacturing process and also eliminate the paint that ends up in nature. It also enables optimization of the transportations, as the design of the buckets make it possible to pack them together in an efficient way, and by doing so the total number of transports is reduced.

The launch of the new, environmentally friendly buckets is completely in line with SMP:s sustainability work, where reduced environmental impact and reduced carbon fooprint is a clear, stated goal.

Benefit of the new SMP E-series: 

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • No paint in the nature
  • Reduced number of transports