Unique design

Facilitates moving larger objects.

Ideal for tiltrotators


Combi grip buckets

Combi grip buckets are a combination of grading and grip buckets. Its unique design is perfect for moving larger objects that normally wouldn’t fit into a bucket. Combi grip buckets can be used with the SMP Tiltrotator for precision work such as building walls of natural stone. Thanks to its clever design the grip arm never comes into contact with the excavator arm when the bucket is fully tilted in transport position.

To technical specification


SMP buckets are designed and manufactured in our own factory in Ilsbo, Sweden. We have a long-standing tradition of craftsmanship rooted in our 100-year history. In 1919, the Höglund brothers opened a forging and carpentry workshop, sowing the seed that would become the SMP Parts of today. We are proud to carry the torch and uphold the tradition of craftsmanship and innovation that has permeated the business ever since.

Technical specification

Combi grip buckets

Model Machine Weight (tonnes) Weight (kg) Volume (L) Width
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CG 350 7-10 420 350 800
CG 500 10-12 650 500 860
CG 650 12-14 800 650 1000
CG 1000 18-22 1200 1000 1100

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