SMP Ambassador




Worked at SMP

6 years


Machine operator and foreman



My partner and I live in a house in Iggesund with our two children. When I’m not working, I give my kids, my partner and our house all my attention.

I have been in the industry for many years, the last six of which I’ve been working at SMP.

My day starts early. I have to get the machines up and running by six a.m. every morning. As a machine operator, it’s my job to work with my team to process all the details into a complete product and to ensure that all the parts fit together.

For me, just being able to contribute to improving our products is a great source of motivation.

Man drilling holes using a large drill in to an excavator bucket

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Welder holding his welder hat smiling in front of a large excavator bucket
It is a journey that we are on together, bringing the products we build to the next level.



Smiling woman with a hard hat and ear protectors in front of an excavator
It’s a bit uncommon to find a woman in this position